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Tasty & healthy!

Tasty & healthy !


Taste amazing, completely vegan and cool packaging. Got here quick.


Great product

They are delicious, all flavour, I take every day 2 fruities for each kinds, and I feel very well. I'm very satisfied. Thank you.

Better than expected

Nice fruity flavour. Very nice.


These gummies are a great, and delicious, way to get your daily dose of vitamins and minerals. I gave it 4 out of 5 only because I would like to see more iron in the iron gummies (based on my previous supplement) and I don't like getting a bill in the mail for duties and fees after I've already paid for a product online. Work these things out, and I will be 100% happy!

Great taste

Tried the discovery kit.
Taste is great and taking them is a treat.

Great Taste

Look forward to taking these every day!


Great tasting supplements, haven’t forgot to take one yet! Definitely coming back for more.

Tasty, all-natural gummies with somewhat low dosage of vitamins

Tasty and all-natural (judging by content) gummies. The only downside - somewhat low dosage of the vitamins - have to combine in with the "classic" vitamins to reach recommended daily values.


So tasteful, fun and nice looking! I love it - taste, smell and looks


Great taste!

Great taste!

Delicious and healthy fruit gummies

I felt in love with these products since I saw them for the first time.
I ordered the discovery kit, to try them all.
The taste of these gummies is simply delicious.
I eat them right after my breakfast, to start my day with some extra good vitamins.
I really recommend them!


Will definitely get more. Thanks

Great taste, lets see the results in a few days

Great tasting vitamins and let us see the results in a few days.
Only point I would recommend to change the seal as it is impossible to open the seal with the little tab without using a knife.
This needs to be reviewed.
Thank you!

Yummie health

Taste is really good


The berry-iron ones are tasty

Take them while eating. They're not candy, even if they taste like candy. My daughter likes them.

Good work so far, keep going

I like the tase of Build Immunity and Help Gut they are nice fruity you can mostly feel the banana and apple taste. The Pump iron taste is a bit feels like iron. The packaging and the quantity are very nice, however, the sealing paper is difficult to open. My kids also like the taste.

Seriously addictive!

I love the taste of these chewable vitamins! They are seriously addictive! Shipping was fast too. Highly recommended!

Absolutely fabulous

I am a gummybear lover and thanx to FRANK Fruities it feels like i can have guilty free candy everyday. I enjoy them in the car, while driving to work. They taste great and i never forget to make them.


Tasty vitamins. Make sure you don't take more than recommended. They truly are delicious, like candy. Makes it a lot easier to have a good vitamin intake and trust me, you won't forget to take them.

Tasty, healthy and popular with the younger generation!


Davvero buone!