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We just love it!

The whole family is happy with these yummy gummies.

Will buy again

The vitamins taste great, little hard to tell if they are making a difference as hasn't been that long, but will buy another batch. Much more enjoyable having a tasty jelly and encourages me to remember to have them

Kids love them. Thank you :)

So glad to find vitamin gummies without added sugar!


I live the gummies! Tasty, just like candy. Hard to stick to the daily dose.


Lovely marketing
Good vitamins
Always with pleasure

Another great delivery from Frank Fruities

I decided to get some more Fruities because we ate all of our first lot! Delicious, and so easy to remember to take with their bright packaging. Really impressed with how fast the delivery was and well packaged the cans are. Fabulous!

Love these

Only problem is that you’ll be tempted to eat too many as they are so delicious! Can imagine they are great for kids. It’s great knowing that they are doing you good but also easy to take. Highly recommend


Love it, tastes great and it's especially good for those who dislike swallowing vitamin pills

Seems like a good product

Haven't actually started taking them yet, but the parcel arrived in perfect condition, with very nice packaging.

Amazing Tasting Gummies & Blazing Fast Delivery

There's a party in your tummy and all the good stuff is on the guest list.

Right off the bat: These are bloody great tasting fruities. Lovely texture and "nom" juicy, they are fantastically gummy and the fruit taste is second to none.
Add in the healthy side of things and you've got the perfect way to get your daily dose of goodness.
Bonus points for the amazing reusable tins, fun and informative design and overall presentation - makes you feel special when the package arrives.
Someone has poured love into these Fruites that's for sure - so stop reading this and go try them!

No more pushing kids to take vitamins!

Rare to have vitamins that kids ask for themselves and not having to convince the kids to take them.
Thank you - they are making a difference to our family!

Yummy !

We received our delivery of the Discovery kit and the whole family loves them !
Even my very fussy 7 year old looks forward to having them

Loved it! Great product yummy and healthy.

Super great idea to combine vitamin and fruits. All natural which is great! Taste good and look good!!

Very Tasty and Chewy

I love the texture and flavour, it's like I'm eating from a pack of jellies except they're good for me! Not too keen on the banana and cherry one but the purple and green tins are quite nice! There's a lot in each tin, so even tho it seems a bit expensive it should last for a good while!

Delicious feel good fruities

Definitely yummy snacks that make me feel like I’m doing sth for my health. Delivery was quick though I did have to pay import taxes. Was worth it, though!

Happy Fruities

Vegan, healthy, delicious and fast delivery. Thank you!

Very good

Very tasty, obviously strong i ate 6 of them and had liver ache. Only 2 per day.

Yummy 🍎 🍌!!!

We are soooo fun of the fruities! Very pleasant texture and handy packaging. I’m testing “pump iron” and the results are immediate! Not feeling tired even during this very winter weather! Will definitely order more!

Best healthy snack for the kids

Serves well as a small snack for the kids as well as adults. My kids loved the taste. What can be better than healthy snack full of vitamins that kids LOVED. Thank you for making supplement experience so joyful and tasty.

Are they really vitamins? Amazing!

Like many people we have tried all sorts of vitamins over the years but never found one we can stick to. Frank fruities are not only vitamins but they are a delicious dinnertime treat that we look forward to having as a treat each night! We will definitely buy them again when we run out.

My 8 Year Old LOVES them

Really great product, super cool branding, and packaging. My 8-year-old son has welcomed them into his daily routine of getting the tasty goodness in him whenever possible. Highly recommend you give them a try you will love them.


Loved every part of it

From design to taste, love this natural and tasty way of taking food supplements !

Gut health

Amazing product and already feeling the benefits